Bigg Boss 9, Day 55: Just keep hanging in there!
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  • December 5, 2015
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So the ‘5 dosh’ task was won by Prince’s team and they got to have their luxury budget and get the luxury items they wanted. Sounds fun and fair, right? NO! Bigg Boss disapproves. 
Another twist took place in the Bigg Boss house when the luxury items were snatched from the housemates and were hung in net baskets in the garden area. This was done keeping in mind the housemates’ recent misconducts and ill-behavior. Bigg Boss was really not happy that they were breaking the house rules constantly and he decided to act upon it. Along with the luxury items were also the personal belongings of all the housemates that were taken during the previous task. Bigg Boss has given them an ultimatum that if they behave properly the nets will come down slowly and if they don’t it will stay there. Seems like the housemates have to put up a fight with their own habits this time.
So will they succeed in getting their things or will they be just left hanging? Find out on the next episode.  
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