Bigg Boss 9, Day 59: Did Priya’s haters list get another name added!
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Well it seems like people just won’t stop disliking Priya. Or maybe Priya won’t stop giving them a reason to. Well, that’s how she is!

During the Bhoot Bangla task, Gizele was talking to Suyyash about how Keith, being the Sanchalak, was ignoring so many things that were going around. And during this she used the word ‘dyslexic’ referring to Keith. Priya heard this and told her that she was being insensitive as many kids have that problem and how could she use that as a reference to someone.

She accused Gizele of making fun of those kids. Gizele also isn’t the one to listen. She told Priya that just for the sake of footage she was making a small talk a very big issue and that is why all the people in the house hate her. She went out of control and abused Priya.

Well Priya isn’t anyone’s favorite and now she has made a new enemy? What is this going to turn into? Find out soon on the next episode!

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