Bigg Boss 9, Day 60: A housemate comes to rescue Mandy’s from Gizele’s wrath and it’s not Rochelle!
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It's been just a few days into the house and she has already created quite a storm. Well! It wasn't like the Bigg Boss house was falling short of bold, frank and upfront people, that now there is a new addition to the list. I am talking about non-other than Gizele Thakral.  She has been pretty open about the fact that she is in the house to play the game and make it to the finals and by the looks of it, she has set all her cards right.

As soon as she entered the house, she was seen giving advice to the housemates on how they should conduct themselves on the show and how the audience perceives them outside. Not long after all the 'gyaan' she gave to the inmates, she was caught mocking the 'damsel in distress' Mandana's career graph.  What??? I thought the two ladies would have found a strong connection considering they both like saying what they feel upfront and bluntly. But what surprised me most that Mandana didn't look as upset with Gizele as someone else in the house. Any guesses? It was Priya who came to the rescue and looked a little offended about Gizele's comments and was seen talking it out with her. Priya even went onto say that she didn't appreciate Gizele talking about Mandana like that as she could see Mandana feeling insulted with her harsh remarks. But Gizele who was in no mood to take gyaan' from someone else and told Priya to stay away from it as the conversation was between both of them. Ouchies…! And that wasn't all. She even asked Priya to stop politicizing matters just for the sake of it.

Wild card are definitely added the much needed 'tadka' in the house. To find out what all is happening inside the house, don't forget to catch tonight's episode at 10:30PM.

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