Bigg Boss 9, Day 60: Mandana cautions Gizele to keep the past in the ‘past’!
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  • December 10, 2015
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Mandana wants to play it safe and she wants to stay as far away from trouble as possible. And that’s what she was seen doing today when she was seen having a word with the new wild card entrant Gizele. The two do share some past and from the looks of their conversation, I can bet it that they weren’t on friendly terms. Even after Gizele mocked Mandy’s career, instead of going all out and getting back at her for it, she was seen talking it out with Gizele in the bathroom about how she should keep what has happened between the two outside the house, away from the housemates’’ ears. She was seen telling Gizele on how the things that she says in front of others can be used against her and that she doesn’t want that to happen. My curiosity has gone to a whole new level now. I am dying to know what the secret behind their past is and why Mandy wants to keep the secret stashed away, at least until she is out of the house? 

Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode at 10PM to know all that is brewing inside the house.

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