Bigg Boss 9, Day 61: When Mandana’s hunger pangs led to catfights in the house!
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  • December 11, 2015
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Sometimes the housemates can get a little selfish and not take everyone’s well being into consideration. And that’s what exactly happened today when the inmates forgot to keep food for Mandana, Priya and Gizele. Mandana on finding out that there was no food left for her, went to Gizele and Priya and was seen complaining about it. Rochelle who came into clarify to Mandana about how she didn’t know about it was seen being accused by Gizele of putting the blame on others. Well! Well! Now we know that Gizele not only considers Rochelle to be ‘fake’ but she also has a strong disliking towards her. While all this hungama was going on, Rishabh walked in and pointed fingers at Priya for talking about Gizele and Mandana behind their backs. Rishabh said that he heard Priya saying that ‘”yeh log toh aise hi hain”. On hearing this,  Priya really got agitated and they two got into an argument. Yeh kya hua? I thought Rishabh and Priya were really close? Wasn’t Priya seen being a little lenient when it came to punishing Rishabh? With Rishabh walking out of the conversation, I think Rishabh might also head out Prince’s way.

To find out all that is going on in the house, don’t forget to catch tonight’s episode at 10:30PM.

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