Bigg Boss 9, Day 65: Victim’s gonna GET HURT REAL BAD!
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  • December 15, 2015
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  • 12:16 pm

There is a lot of tension going on in the Bigg Boss 9 house as someone is about to get murdered. The victims isn’t exactly gonna be killed but he/she will definitely carry a scar for the rest of his/her time in the Bigg Boss house.

I’ll save you a guess. It will be the scar of *suspense music playing* NOMINATION. Yes, apparently that is the twist in the game. Whoever will get ‘killed’ by the murderer any one of them will be nominated for the rest of his/her journey in the house. This came as a big shock to me too. But as this is a mystery task, I thought I would also play a mystery game with you too. You guys just have to guess how the victim will be chosen. Your options are: A) Will Bigg Boss directly select the victim? B) Will the housemates mutually decide who the victim will be? C) Will anyone voluntarily accept this? Tell us your answers in the comments below. Right answers will get a hypothetical high-five. Till then, sayonara! Bigg Boss Khabri

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