Bigg Boss 9 , Day 71: Why did all the Housemates turn against Priya?
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  • December 21, 2015
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It all started after SRK and Kajol left the house. There was still excitement between the housemates, and rightly so. There was no elimination and the King of Bollywood himself interacted with all of them personally! I so hate to be on the other side of the house! *Sulk Max* 

Anyway, carrying on the story with a heavy heart for obvious reasosn, I saw Rishabh talking to Prince and complaining about Priya's behaviour. Now What?! So, apparently Rishabh heard Priya passing a comment while SRK and Kajol were still in the house and he thought it was quite sleezy. Wait what?! Rishabh said, he could very well walk up to Priya right now and spoil the mood of the entire house by picking up a fight based on that incident. Prince being the captain, wanted to clear things up and he called Priya, only to have the entire house turn into a fish market! 

Priya, to her defence, said that she had only said “Predictable” to the situation and in no way it was sleezy comment! She turned into her teacher avatar, teaching Rishabh what the meaning of the word Sleezy actually is. But, looked like no one was in a mood to get educated.Rather, one by one all the housemates gathered around the living room and suddenly all I could hear was a huge ball of sound thrown at me! Ouch! 

What do you think could possibly happen post this? Will everyone now turn against Priya? Is she the new Mandana? Is Mandana enjoying all this happening to Priya?

Watch tonight's episode to know more! 

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