Bigg Boss 9 , Day 72:Chocolate chori leads to a huge ruckus in the house
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Yeh chocolate chori ki kahani koi nai nahi hain. In the past, we saw Aman playing the thief and this time around we have a new chocolate chor in the house. And guess whose chocolates have been stolen? Our very own Mandana darling. Ab chori hui and Mandy doesn't make a big deal out of it, that isn't possible. And aaj toh Rishabh ne bhi kafi shor machaya. While Mandana was upset over her chocolates being stolen, Rishabh made a huge deal out if it. Mandana akhir ab ghar mein akeli bhi toh hogaya hain! With no shoulder to cry upon after her spat with Gizele, she has been left all alone. But wait! There is someone in the house who still has a soft corner for her. I bet you have guessed who that person is already. It's none other than Rochelle devi. She was seen comforting Mandana while she was whining about her stolen chocolates. Mauke par chauka kaun nahi marna chahta and that's what the 'cool' group did. The moment they saw the two together, they were seen taunting Mandana that she has gotten her manager back. Ouch…! I thought Rochelle was part of that group. Anyways the hue and cry didn't just end there, Mandy's ex BFF Gizele was seen cribbing to Priya on how Mandana had also stolen chocolates in the past, so why was she playing the victim's card. Ek kafi nahi tha toh ek aur aa giri Bigg Boss house mein. Ladies! You all need to calm down. They were just chocolates and they were meant to be eaten not stored. Arghhh…

To find out what all conspired in the house after the chocolate chori, don't forget to catch tonight's episode.

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