Bigg Boss 9, Day 79: Priya has done her work!
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  • December 29, 2015
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I have a confession to make. Priya has starte giving me complex! Yes, she has and I feel so low. She has proved that she is the real Khabri in the house. Being a part of all the conversations and not a part of any group has its own advantages. I will tell you how.

If you remember yesterday, when Kish-Suyyas and Keith-Rochelle were discussing Nora and Prince's closeness, how slyly Priya became a part of that conversation. Now, I will tell you what exactly happened post that.This morning Priya wanted to get into the bathroom after Keith had finished washing-up but Rochelle entered the bathroom with him. This apparently irked Priya and she started commenting on how both wanted to shower-up together. prince who was sitting became extremely annoyed with Priya's comment and told her to mind her business. Didn't go down too well with Priya and she busted Cool group's secret talk about him and Nora. She told Prince how the two couples were discussing their physical proximity and how vulgar it looked. Really! this woman sure has guts I tell you.

Looked like Priya was waiting for this opportunity and seemed like she was quite content after that. Earlier, she had busted Mandana's secret plan of using Prince's card to Rishabh and now this. Looks like if someone is playing the real game in this house is Priya! 

Bigg Boss Khabri! 

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