Bigg Boss 9, Day 80: Rochelle takes task too personally with Keith!
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We all know when it comes to proving herself in the task or an argument, Rochelle can overlook her personal dynamics with people. be it Keith or her friends in the house. Remember how she blamed Keith for encouraging Mandana. But now looks like the very calm and practical Keith is getting irritated with Rochelle's behaviour.

Today in the Jewel Thief  task you will see how Rochelle took Keith's game strategy too personally. Earlier during the day Keith had told Rochelle to not mix game and their personal dynamics. He joked with Rochelle saying, “dekho game ke liye pyaar ko dhikha diya” and I know he was joking just to pull Rochelle's leg, but looks like the lady doesnt know how to keep the two things separately. Keith made it very clear that he was playing the game and as per the task she should play her role of the police and not confuse the two equations. Later, inside the house, when Keith was talking to sanchalak and was yawning away to Rochelle's search, Madam Police took it way too personally and told Keith now she will tell him how to play the game. She kept on stopping him every second and searched him, leaving no chance for him to move around. 

Where is this love headed? Keith has already shown his discomfort about Rochelle behaving childish. Do you think this is the beginning of a new phase of their relationship in this house? Will the two be able to resolve their differences? Only time can tell.

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