Bigg Boss 9, Day 8:Highest Bid wins…1,2,3…Sold!
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With almost all the contestants getting their bags back, Keith, Prince, Suyyash and Digangna might be feeling that their lives are harder in the Bigg Boss house than the others. But, Bigg Boss ke ghar mein der hai, andher nahi!

It so happned that Bigg Boss came up with another innovation and gave the remaining four contestants a chance to get their bags back. But, everything come with a price and this time it was a big asterisk that says condition applied.  So the deal was, only one of them would be lucky enough to get their bag back. How? Well, the winner was to be decided by a simple auction. You must be wondering, an auction? That simple? How in the heaven’s name had they pay for it? And how did something as simple as an auction decide who would get their bag?

Well as always there is a catch here too folks. It is understood that in an auction the highest bid wins. But that amount will be deducted from the Prize money of the show. Didn’t see that coming didn't you? Don’t worry, neither did the contestants think this in their wildest dreams too.

And if it was not enough there was another twist again. And this is sure to blow you away. The four desperate bag-seeking contestants were STUNNED too! Whatever money the four of them bid wsa to be deducted from the Prize money.

If life is a b***h, what would you call this? Can’t wait to see the reaction of the contestants when they hear this? Well, you have to wait another day. Stay tuned to reality shows ka baap, Bigg Boss 9.

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