Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 21: Shocking revelations and surprises on Bigg Boss Nau Double Trouble Weekend
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  • November 1, 2015
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Salman Khan left all contestants stupefied after he told them that there will be double elimination this week. Waiting in anticipation of the results, the rest of the nominated contestants are unable to heave a sigh of relief the entire day. Salman gives everyone a reality check and tries to bring them on a right track while telling them how they are being perceived outside.

A friends panel consisting of Karan Kundra and Shaleen Malhotra in support of Prince and Suyyash respectively takes place where Karan and Shaleen reveal few hidden facts about their friends. Shaleen tells Salman that Suyyash is an extremely fun loving person and he is not being himself inside the house. On the other hand, Karan tells that Prince is like his younger brother and swears by one ground rule- ‘Prince Sirf Ek Hai’. He expects a lot more from Prince and wants him to emerge as the real player in the coming weeks.

Later, Salman plays a game ‘Yes Yes, No No’ with the contestants where it leads to several disagreements and conflicts amongst the housemates while Salman plays the peacemaker. They are also given a diary in which they have to write a complaint against other members of the house. As this fun task comes to an end, Salman announces name of the second evicted contestant.

Before leaving, Salman drops a bomb on the housemates by announcing a wild card entrant joining them soon. It will be interesting to see if the dynamics inside the house will undergo a complete change after entry of the new housemate.

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