Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 26: Wild card contestants bring a wave of change in the Bigg Boss house
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Establishing the fact that Puneet Vashishtha has entered the house and increasing the momentum in the house, the housemates wake up to ‘Sailaru Sailare’ from the movie Josh. Having been a part of the blockbuster movie, Puneet shares his experience on Josh with his new housemates. Later, a cranky Rochelle confronts Puneet about speaking to the camera in the wee hours and requests him to not disturb anyone when the lights are out and they are asleep. While Puneet takes no offence to this, Kishwer and Yuvika overhear this and inform Rochelle that she has been extremely rude to Puneet.  

Later in the day, the housemates are seen discussing Yuvika’s love preferences when she tells everyone that if it had not been for Rochelle, she would not mind to set up with Keith. She further adds that Rimi and Keith would also make a good pair and she would have loved to see them together. Rochelle overhears them discussing about Keith and gets upset. She showcases her possessive side and vents it out to Keith about the unnecessary conversation that was taking place in the bedroom. Rochelle also informs Rishabh about Yuvika’s take on Keith but he remains unaffected and supports Yuvika saying that she is finally opening up. Rishabh also makes his side clear by informing Yuvika about his conversation with Rochelle and how she is being successful in irking the housemates. Mentoring her further, Rishabh tells Yuvika to react more strongly the next time she finds any such opportunity.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss calls Keith to the confession room, informs him about a personal emergency and gives him the permission to exit to attend to the same. Later in the evening, when Rishabh asks Mandana to clean the carpet, she refuses point blank saying the carpet need not be cleaned every day. Taking advantage of this situation, Kishwer jumps into the conversation and blames Mandana for not doing any household chores off late. This quickly snowballs into a fight when Mandana asks Rishabh to take his own decisions and keep Kishwer away from her matters. However, against her wish, Mandana ends up cleaning the place.

The day further turns out to be a bad one for Mandana when she gets into a fight with Yuvika. It so happens that when Yuvika is cleaning the bed, she shifts couple of items from Keith’s bed to Mandana’s which she does not appreciate. She asks Yuvika to keep Keith’s stuff back when Yuvika gets extremely upset and lashes out at Madana. Hurt by Yuvika’s comments, Mandana cries her heart out in front of Puneet and expresses her wish to go back home.

When Bigg Boss gathers the housemates in the living area and asks them to name three of the most disappointing performers during the hotel task, the housemates vote Rimi Sen, Rishabh Sinha and Mandana Karimi. The trio is then called into the Double Trouble room and is given four different options. The result of the task would decide housemates’ fate to sleep on their comfortable beds or sleep without it.

Late into the night, Puneet and Rochelle speak to Digangana on why she is being friendly with Rishabh in spite of all that had transpired between them. While Rochelle leaves the conversation midway, Puneet tells her about her grandmother and mother being worried about her rapport with Rishabh inside the house.

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