Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 31: Festive season comes ‘kicking’ in into the Bigg Boss house
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Waking up to ‘Yaha Ke Hum Sikandar’, team A and B are all geared up to face the round two of the highway task. Everyone’s sitting in the bedroom when Aman asks Rishabh the reason of fall out between Digangana and him, Rishabh tells Aman his version of the incident and turns around to Digangana and asks her if he’s right. However Digangana disagrees and narrates her side of story. Later, Aman is seen discussing with Mandana about having an upper hand in the task over the opposition team because they have the chance to be well prepared before the buzzer goes on. Kishwer finds mashed potatoes in the sink and is furious about the fact that the housemates are being reckless and wasting food.

Later in the day, when Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to gather in the living room, Mandana realizes that her shawl and sipper is missing. When she goes around the house looking for it, Rochelle tells her that she saw Prince taking it and hiding somewhere. Mandana confronts Prince and refuses to start the task until she finds her belongings. Meanwhile team A is seen convincing Mandana to drop the thought and continue with the task. On second day of the task, It is team A’s turn to ride the cycle rickshaw while Team B vows to take revenge. Kishwer swears that she will irritate Mandana to a level where she gives up the task. Team B bothers the opposition team by throwing dustbin waste and cold water on them. Targeting Mandana, Prince pours cold water on her irritating her further. In order to save Mandana’s mike, Kishwer holds it and pulls it aside when Mandana unexpectedly kicks Kishwer hitting her abdomen. In no time, Kishwer hits the ceiling and throws away her mike announcing that she won’t continue with the task. She also asks her team members Suyyash, Prince, Rimi and Puneet to comply with her. Later, Kishwer is called in the confession room where Bigg Boss asks her to continue with the task. However, Kishwer point blank denies and asks Bigg Boss to take some action against Mandana only then she will resume the task. After coming out of the confession room, Kishwer asks Prince and Suyyash to continue with the task. They further attack the opposition team with full force and start putting hairspray on everyone.  Prince sprays it over Digangana who starts feeling sick and puckish. To team A’s relief, Bigg Boss unceremoniously calls off the task soon after. Mandana goes into the bedroom and starts crying as she fells unsafe in the house. Later Rochelle finds Keith’s jacket that Suyyash had worn during the task and asks him to return it to her. Rochelle rushes into the washroom to wash off the dirt and cries over the fact that the jacket has been ruined. Mandana finds Rochelle crying and tells her that Kishwer, Suyyash and Prince want to break her and she shouldn’t let them get to her.  

As the day comes to an end, Kishwer tells Rishabh that being the captain of the house he should have taken a stand when Mandana kicked her. Rishabh tries to argue but Kishwer proves her point. Soon after, Bigg Boss tells everyone to assemble in the living area and punishes Mandana for her actions. Upset with Bigg Boss’s decision, Mandana blames Prince for touching her inappropriately during the task. Prince is shocked by this accusation and walks out. At the same time, Rochelle is seen talking to Aman where she tells him that after Mandana, she is going to be on everyone’s target and she’s scared by the mere thought.

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