Bigg Boss 9, Synopsis Day 36: Housemates turn kids and bring the house down!
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  • November 16, 2015
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After taking the lie-o-meter test on Sunday, the contestants are trying their best to validate all the truth and lie they spoke about. In retrospect, Suyyash goes to Rochelle and tells her that he was quite shocked to hear that she feels unsafe being around him or prince. He blamed it on prince’s overenthusiastic and aggressive nature and accepted that they were wrong during their highway task. Around the same time, Rochelle tells Mandana that Prince came up to her and wants to be friends with her once again.

Next day, the housemates wake up to ‘Bum Bum Bole’ anticipating the nominations for this week. Rochelle tells Aman that Prince and Suyyash individually made an effort to make peace with her but Kishwer did not even try once to clear the differences.  In another instance, Mandana finds out that a lot of food is getting wasted and pulls up Digangana and Prince for it. Kishwer barges in the conversation and tries to prove Prince innocent by putting the entire blame on Digangana.

Later in the day, Mandana tells Rochelle and Aman that she feels that Prince is not apologetic about his behaviour and is still dancing to Kishwer’s tunes. Aman replies by saying that they should not expect any sanity or peace from Kishwer or Prince’s end. Soon after luxury budget task ‘Shararati Bachen’ is launched which will determine the nominations for the week. The housemates are now part of BB Day Care where Rishabh, Kishwer, Rochelle and Prince play parts of little kids while Aman, Suyyash, Digangana and Mandana are their care takers. The kids are allowed to play games, create nuisance and annoy the caretakers to an extent that they lose their calm. The caretakers have to control the naughty brats, make them study and feed them whenever they demand food. While doing all this, the caretakers also have to tolerate their nuisance and punish them for not following discipline. Rimi is elected to be the sanchalak of the task and is asked to monitor the activity throughout.

As the task begins, Rochelle, Rishabh, Prince and Kishwer start acting and speaking like kids and try all possible ways to irritate the caretakers. On the other hand, Rimi gives up on the task and declares that she will not take any decisions as the sanchalak. The housemates get irked by Rimi’s attitude and try to convince her to perform the task. Suyyash being the captain takes the responsibility to convince Rimi but she puts her foot down and point blank refuses to do the task. If this wasn’t enough, Mandana also quits the task stating that she is not well and the task is getting too tiresome for her. Rochelle takes the responsibility to convince Mandana along with Aman but all their efforts go in vain.

In the evening, Bigg Boss announces end of the task when the housemates get back to their normal self. Soon after Suyyash confronts Rimi and tells her that she did a very wrong thing by not participating in the task and now everyone will bear the brunt for her actions. Further he decides to take a stern action against Rimi and punish her for her wrongdoings.

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