‘BIGG BOSS’ warns contestants to tidy the house or kiss their belongings goodbye
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While the journey of the contestants is judged by various parameters, for cleanliness they all have scored an abysmal 0 out of 100 according to the master of the house. An enraged ‘BIGG BOSS’ summons all the contestants to the living area and shows them the state of the house before and after the show kicks off. All the housemates are stunned to see the spotless and majestical world of ‘BIGG BOSS’, and they are appalled to watch the clutter of the house. The master informs them that his house was the talk of the town for its beauty and now it’s the talk of the town for its mess. Worried about the hygiene of the house and the health of the housemates, ‘BIGG BOSS’ issues an ultimatum to clear up the mess in an hour. He warns that if he’s made responsible for cleaning up the mess, he’ll ensure that the crowd in the house thins down. He informs them that an inspection team is going to come into the house and if its members see items lying scattered around the house, they will confiscate it until the end of the season. What drama will the fear of confiscation bring to the house?

Right after ‘BIGG BOSS’ warns the contestants of dire consequences for untidiness, they get on a frenzied cleanliness drive and organize all their personal and communal items in the house. However, the inspection team is not impressed by their efforts and confiscates all the scattered belongings. Desperate for their belongings, a few contestants steal items from the luggage that is being hauled away by the inspection team. BIGG BOSS mockingly applauds those housemates and penalizes all the residents of the mohalla by reducing the cooking time to 4.5 hours. Moreover, he commands the contestants to keep all the fruits in the storeroom. With shortened kitchen time, feuds over food are bound to happen. What arrangements will the housemates make to survive with the new kitchen rules?

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