Birthday tasks and a Bigg nomination twist #Day 14, Synopsis
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As Kashif gets evicted from the Bigg Boss house, all housemates wish him luck after going through yet another round of eviction. A while later all the housemates are seen discussing the upcoming nomination wherein Sidhu expresses his discomfort on nominating any of the housemates. He asks everyone if they are okay with all 13 getting nominated and letting the janta decide. One by one all the housemates agree with Sidhu and decide not to nominate anyone in the house. But since Bigg Boss is always one step ahead of everyone, he has a tremendous twist in nominations procedures for the housemates which leaves everyone surprised and shell shocked. Niketan is called inside the confession room by Bigg Boss and is asked to name two housemates that he would like to save from the coming week’s elimination. Smitten by the surprise all the housemates go in and give in two names.

Post the nominations, Bigg Boss announces the results. Four housemates get shortlisted after tallying the votes. These housemates are the ones who have got no votes meaning nobody wanted to save them. The nominated housemates are puzzled & a little upset to realize this and are seen discussing and bitching about it in small groups. What has these nominated contestants uneasy is that there so called ‘friends’ didn’t vote for them, while they out of friendship did. After all the drama, the housemates go to sleep.

The next day, the housemates wake up to the electric & apt song – ‘Singh is King’. Well, it is apt as the beautiful morning is Navjot Singh Sidhu’s Birthday. The housemates shake a leg and everyone conveys their wishes to Sidhu Paaji. Sidhu wakes up a happy man and hugs everyone with much love. A while later, Sidhu & Niketan discuss how the nominations have split the house apart, and Sidhu adds that he feels bad for Urvashi as he feels she carries a lot of stress & remorse in her shoulders.

To begin the birthday celebrations, Bigg Boss sends in a letter for Sidhu wherein he is assigned a task is to make the housemates laugh via his jokes, riddles etc every time the song ‘Happy Birthday to you’ is played. The housemates crack up on hearing this and tease Sidhu by saying they would intentionally not laugh at his jokes. Sidhu starts with his first joke which leaves most of the housemates laughing but not all. After sometime the song plays again when all the housemates are relaxing in the garden area. Sidhu gets up and sings a childhood song. The girls share a laugh but the boys are not amused. Sidhu gets fed up and tells Bigg Boss that he surrenders and is happier to be punished than to be a clown for everyone. Just as he says all this, the song plays again leaving the entire house in splits.

Continuing the fun, Sapna and Vrijesh decide to play a prank on Aseem who is sleeping on the couch.. They takea  toothpaste and apply it on his fingers. Aseem doesn’t realize it for a while, until all the housemates burst into laughter. Aseem wakes up to see his prankster housemates literally on the floor laughing. In sometime, Bigg Boss announces the commencement of the face off! The four nominated contestants need to battle it out amongst themselves to be safe from eviction. The face off takes place in full flow and the four nominated contestants put up some great performances. The rest of the housemates give them points based on their performance. Finally the results are declared by Bigg Boss and one lucky winner gets saved. Posts the face off, the nominated housemates are still upset and are seen getting irritable with the others in the house. The housemates discuss the nominations rather intensely yet again and thus, the day ends!

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