Blast from Imarti Devi’s past!
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In recent days, the people of Imarti Niwas seem to be facing a lot of twists and turns in their life. First Anuj's accident with Abhay, and Suman's entry into the family. Now after Suman and her devious Maami, another new face is going to enter Kairee!

But this new face is not so new after all. Let's just say that the person is going to re-enter the family of the Shrivastavs. And this is going to be none other than Imarti Devi's husband, the one who abandoned her many years ago.  And along with him, there will be another new character entering the show, who will be played by Gaurav Sharma. And Imarti Devi's estranged husband will be played by veteran actor Saurabh Dubey.

The current track in Kairee is focussing on Suman and Ambi both being pregnant and Anuj being forced to juggle the responsibility of the two ladies. With the entry of his father, we're sure that the focus will shift to Imarti Devi's past too. We're not giving out any more details, but this duo entering the show will also be related to the whole Suman issue that has been troubling Imarti Devi's family.

Those who have been following the show know that Imarti Devi's ego has been terribly hurt due to being abandoned by her husband when she was young. While it is commendable that Imarti Devi brought up 3 sons all on her own, she also uses that fact to emotionally blackmail her family into doing her bidding. Now with the re-entry of Mr. Shrivastav into the house, it'll be interesting to see how Imarti Devi reacts!

The re-entry episode has been shot and Saurabh Dubey (as Imarti's husband) and Gaurav Sharma, will soon be seen on the small screen in Kairee. We're sure it'll lead to an interesting turn of events!

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