Bondita and Anirudh’s device a plan!
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  • December 28, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu, we learn that Anirudh and Bondita are shocked to find the mystery girl in the RC mansion. Trilochan then reveals to them that he got in as he believes that she is the reincarnation of Anirudh’s dead mother. Respecting that sentiment, she should be allowed to stay in the house and fulfill her unfulfilled vrat. Anirudh and Bondita, who are not able to believe her completely throw a challenge her way and ask her to look for the tijori keys. At first, the mystery girl is in a fix but with the help of Munshi, she manages to open the tijori. It is then decided that she will stay in the house, however, Bondita is determined to bring her truth out in front of everyone.

Going forward, Anirudh & Bondita team up to find out mystery girl’s truth. Munshi, who is supporting her instructs her to add slow poison in kheer that’s made for Anirudh. Later, Bondita secretly watches her moves which makes it difficult for her to add the poison to the kheer. Just then Munshi distracts Bondita and gets her to do something which leads her to add the poison in the kheer. Will Anirudh end up having the kheer? Will Bondita be able to save Anirudh’s life?

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