Captain Rohan to turn into a Dictator on Bigg Boss 10?
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  • November 18, 2016
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Rohan has replaced Bani as a Captain for this week on Bigg Boss 10. Tonight, Bigg Boss asks him to punish any two Housemates. The punishment entails that the chosen two have to stand in a huge box that is kept in the jail.


PIC 01






Rohan picks Manu and Manveer for the punishment. However, he makes it complicated by refusing to give any reason for picking these two names. Naturally, this irks Manu and Manveer who take a stand that they will not carry out the punishment unless they are explained the reason behind this choice. Further Manu ends up saying that this is a Dictator- like behavior which will not be tolerated.






PIC 05


Well, the atmosphere inside the Bigg Boss House is rather heated up. Tune in tonight at 10.30PM to witness the fireworks!

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