Celebrations sum-up the week in Balika Vadhu- Weekly Review 18th Jan-26th Jan
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After a big emotional setback last week, Anandi and Shiv finally managed to bring Jagya back. Reacting to this surprise, Dadisa could not hold her tears back and became highly sentimental. Watch now!

 Dadisa instructed everyone to make arrangements for her grandson’s reception, but Shiv advised her to combine the Pag-Phera ritual with Jagya’s homecoming celebration. Dadisa gave a positive nod to Shiv’s suggestion and the entire family blessed the couple with eternal happiness and prosperity.

 Later in the day, Jagya is seen repenting for all his wrongdoings and breaks down. Dadisa consoles him by saying that while she does sympathize with him, Jagya should let the bygones be bygones and start afresh. The conversation between Jagya and Dadisa then changes to how he enjoyed his work in Laxmigunj village despite fewer amenities. Between all this Sumitra and Bhairon Singh share an extremely emotional moment as they get nostalgic about Jagya’s childhood.

 On their way back from Jaitsar, Shiv and Anandi stop by at a temple and pray for everyone’s happiness. Anandi expresses her gratitude to Shiv for what he had done for her family by making Jagya understand the worth of relationships. She thanks him while Shiv starts asking her about how she feels for his family. See how he tried to trick Anandi and made her confess that she loves him. After teasing her to his heart’s content, the couple returns home to Choti Maa. Anandi then narrates the entire story of how Shiv counseled Jagya and brought him back.

At night in Laxmigunj, while everyone is asleep, Ganga gets restless to hear his son crying in the other room. Ratan Singh’s second wife comes out and abuses the kid. Ganga warns her against badmouthing her son and challenges her to be ready to face the consequences.

 Next day we see Anandi in two minds as she is torn between love and respect. She contemplates about submitting herself to Shiv but thinks it to be a favour and gets restless. Suddenly Shiv enters and looking at her feigning coziness, tries to make Anandi guilt-free. He tells her not to push herself so much into intimacy and that a day would come when she would do it out of love.

 At Laxmigunj, Ratan Singh’s second wife tries to fake as if she was attacked by Ganga by scratching her own arm deliberately and complains to her mother-in-law. A furious Ratan Singh storms into Ganaga’s room to reprimand her but is instructed by his parents that since the baby is not being breast-fed anymore, they could now get rid of her. Ganga overhears about being thrown out of the house and gets tensed.

 Meanwhile in Jaitsar, the entire family takes Jagya out to the hospital. They surprise him and declare him as the director of the hospital where everyone, including Shiv and family are present. Everybody applauds and celebrate for Jagya, while he sits speechless, in a state of shock.

 During Sankranti preparations, Sanchi challenges Anandi that Shiv is the best kite-flyer in the world, while Anandi bets on Jagya’s skills, leaving Sanchi furious and envious. Just then Ira shows her displeasure about Shiv-Anandi’s plan to go to Udaipur being cancelled due to Dadisa’s invitation. Meenu tries to explain everything to her but ends up upsetting both Ira and Saanchi. Anandi feels guilty by putting Meenu in such a position and apologizes to Ira. Ira tells her to go ahead and celebrate the festival with Dadisa.

 On the day of Sankranti, Ira calls up Meenu and expresses her sadness once again. Sanchi snatches the phone and tells Ira to cheer up. Ira while taking a walk into the garden gets surprised to see Meenu, Shiv, Anandi and Saanchi! Ira reveals that Anandi had planned to come to Udaipur before Jaitsar. Everyone feels content to see Ira relieved and happy. The family then proceeds to Jaitsar for the rest of the functions.

 What will happen while Jagya and Shiv compete at the kite flying competition? Will Anandi support Jagya? Will Shiv get jealous to see Anandi’s favouritism towards Jagya? Well, wait and watch!

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