Checkout the eight keeda-full challenges by Arjun this week
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Like every week, this week too was pumped with a lot of energy. The week kick started with Raghav’s mimicking his fellow contestants followed by Arjun who also become the target of Raghav’s wrath. It was lot of fun to watch the contestants interact with one another and loosen up before the ‘fear fanda’ took over them. Here is the list of 8 challenges that Arjun posed for the contestants.

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Tarzan Swing The first stunt of the day called the 'Tarzan swing' required 3 contestants to swing like tarzan from ropes attached to a metal structure. Using the ropes attached throughout the metal structure, the contestants had to reach from point A to B. Parvathy was the first one to attempt the stunt, followed by Mahhi and Tanishaa. Tanishaa who managed to reach the fourth rope saved herself from the fear fanda

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'Kya bass kya bass kya bass' This stunt which was performed in pairs had one person placed in a box filled with sewage water and fish entrails and the other chained to a chair. The stunt required the contestant sitting on the chair to empty out the sewage water from buckets placed on a raised platform over their head and finding the keys to open the locks. The contents of the buckets were emptied with the help of chain which was pulled by the contestant directly seated under it. Sidharth and Sana performed the stunt first followed by Aishwarya and Mukti. Sidharth and Sana saved themselves from the elimination round by completing the stunt in 2:41 seconds, while Aishawrya and Mukti were handed the fear fanda.


'Saathi haath Badhana' As the name suggests, this too was a partner stunt. Raghav and Vivan competed against Jay and Vivian. The stunt entailed one of the contestants to be catapulted into water and fish out a flag attached to the bottom of a chain on a float. While the first plucked the flag, the other person had to pick their partner up hanging upside down from a helicopter and take them to the next spot which was a horizontal platform where the flag had to be hoisted for the stunt to get over. While Vivian and Jay completed the stunt in 4:05 seconds, Raghav and Vivan completed the stunt in 2:34 seconds and won.

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Fanda Kaat This stunt which was performed in pairs had the contestants who were given the fear fanda competing against each other in order to save themselves from the elimination round. Vivian was paired with Mukti, Mahhi with Jay, and Aishwarya with Parvathy. The stunt had one of the partners hanging from suspension on top a water body while the other dove into the water to cut the suspension loose. Whoever completed the stunt in the least amount of time, won the stunt. Mahhi and Jay aborted the stunt mid way as Mahhi couldn’t stand the pain on her wrists caused due to the suspension. While, Aishwarya and Parvathy completed the stunt in 3:25 seconds, Vivan and Mukti completed the stunt in 1:01 seconds.

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Tie Tie Fish This stunt too was to be performed in pairs. This time around instead of Mahhi and Jay performing together as a team, they were vetted against each other. While Mahhi was paired with Parvathy, Jay was paired with Aishwarya. A container which was divided into two sections had one contestant sitting on the top level while the other sat right below it. The contestant sitting on the top section had to pass hag (found in dirty water) fishes from a hole in the container to the partner below, and then the second had to throw it on the weighing machine in front of them. The one to complete the stunt with maximum weight in 3 minutes was declared the winner. The weight of Mahhi and Parvathy‘s fishes equaled to 4 kg 180 gms whereas Jay and Aishwarya ‘s amounted to 3 kg 250gms. The 'tie tie fish' stunt put Jay and Aishwarya one step closer to the elimination round.

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'Horn ok please' This stunt was the elimination stunt. Two Taxis were suspended mid air and the Khiladis had to climb from one taxi and remove 6 flags to the other taxi and pluck the remaining six flags. The one to finish the stunt and honk first was declared the winner. Jay went first followed by Aishwarya to perform the elimination stunt. Aishwarya faced a tough time performing the stunt and this marked the end of her journey

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Time for Girls V/S Boys The next stunt was also performed in pairs but this time it was the boys against the girls. Arjun choose Sana and Tanishaa to stand up for the girls whereas Jay and Sidharth for the boys. In this stunt, one of the contestants had to place their head inside a long rectangular box with their hands chained to the side, while the other had to crawl inside and find the keys to unlock the chains. Whilst the stunt was going on, gushes of cold water were released inside the box. The boys finished the stunt in 31 seconds and got girls out of the race

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Kutte tera khoon pe jauga In this stunt, the contestants were required to go inside a maze and hoist three flags placed at different points and exit the maze. The twist in this stunt was that while, the contestants tried to hoist the flags, guard dogs stopped them along their way pulling and pouncing on them. Each of the contestants was given body suits to protect themselves from dog bites. Parvathy went first followed by Vivian and Mukti. While Parvathy completed the task in 1: 12 seconds, Mukti in 2 minutes, Vivian finished in 31 seconds, hence winning this round.




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