Chota Boss reigns over the Bigg Boss house: Day 9, Synopsis
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The housemates rise and shine in style to the song– “Tashan mein”, hoping for an exciting and fun day. Kashif & Karishma are sitting in the garden area and Karishma is seen explaining to Khasif that he needs to control his arrogant behavior as he will have to face the music once he gets out. Khasif tries to defend his behavior but to no avail. Rajeev is in his room, looking longingly at Delnaaz who is across him in another room, making her bed. He is reciting a poem (shayari) for her, depicting his love for her. Delnaaz does her bed and walks out, uncaring and unaware of Rajeev, after which Rajeev sits back and cries all alone.  

A little later, the topic of discussion between Urvashi, Delnaaz, Sapna & Aashka is men. Delnaaz is seen talking about Rajeev’s irritating, fake behavior and explains that they have both moved on in many ways over the past two years. Urvashi & Aashka who have taken a break from cooking today, vent out their frustration against Rajeev as he is seen acting too bossy being the kitchen incharge. They argue over his ‘dal’ and how Rajeev is nobody to instruct them on the cooking schedule. 

Aseem, Delnaaz, Kashif & Vrajesh are having lunch together when Delnaaz begins her flirting with Aseem. Vrajesh also joins in and starts teasing Aseem & Delnaaz. A sporting Delnaaz plays along but Aseem blushes and smiles like a little kid. After sometime, Bigg Boss calls Vrajesh to the confession room. He gives him a very exciting luxury budget task which turns the whole house upside down. Vrajesh assembles everyone in the living area and announces the launch of –‘Chota Boss’. Basically ‘Chota Boss’ Vrajesh enjoys the power of assigning any housemate any kind of spontaneous task he wants at any point of time but he also needs to complete a few tasks assigned specially by Bigg Boss. Vrajesh is dressed like ‘Shambu Shikari’ with a khakee outfit and a funky hat! 

Vrajesh makes the most talkative housemate of the house (Smapat Pal) a task of not speaking a single word to anyone besides the 3 monkeys. He makes Niketan open every door that he wishes to walk in or out of and assigns the ladies (Urvashi, Aashka & Delnaaz) a task of behaving like TV soap actresses. After giving the whole house certain tasks, he himself gets involved in the task assigned to Sayantani & Delnaaz particularly. The fabulous actresses manage to fool the innocent/gullible Aseem Trivedi. 

After all the fun, ‘Chota’ boss Vrajesh calls for a ‘Sabha’ and discusses all the assigned tasks and in between makes the girls do some ‘Garba’. All the housemates having enjoyed this day to the fullest, go to sleep in high spirits. 



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