Colors’ Bahus give hope to Women
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“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” While the quote stands true but when it comes to TV, women are more or less responsible for creating history. Strong female characters have helped in bring out the true image of women in society and urged us to do the right to womanhood. And continuing this tradition are our Colors’ Bahus who have not only helped raise awareness but also present a fine example.

Be it your Anandi or Madhu, Colors’ Bahus represent every facet of a woman. While Anandi teaches us to bring justice to the wrong, Madhu teaches us to deal with problems and so on. The channel’s aim has always been to portray women in strong roles to prove that in real life too women are not to be treated inferior but rather at par. When a female character is shown to be tortured or treated badly, it is another female character that comes to her rescue.

And these are not just fictional characters that are to be seen, enjoyed and forgotten but in fact to take inspiration from. When Bani faces emotional turmoil at her in-laws and her husband tries to kill her she doesn’t drown in sorrow and accepts her fate but gets up, takes charge of the situation and seeks justice in her own way. Similarly each time Roli and Simar have come together to fight injustices that have been brought on their family and have given us the hope that nothing can beat women power.


Just like their characters our leading ladies are strong individuals in real life too and this is reflected in their performances. Talking to Toral Rasputra who plays the role of Anandi she explained to us, “Anandi in Balika Vadhu plays a role of a Sarpanch, a dutiful wife and daughter-in-law and a responsible daughter. From a simple girl she has now metamorphosed into a responsible woman who sensitizes people about women empowerment, literacy, and widow remarriage and ensures that there is no child marriage taking place in and around her village.” When the character is sketched with such noble motives the outcome has to be brilliant. 

So what is to be taken into account from this? Are we watching these characters for entertainment purposes or are we experiencing the lessons of life? In Balika Vadhu 1000 episodes’ press conference a young girl was introduced as the ‘real life Anandi’. This young girl had taken the help of law to call off her child marriage as she wanted to continue her education and not be a victim of this social practice. And to take such a courageous move she found inspiration from the character of Anandi! Similarly female fans who flock the sets of Madhubala claim to have learned the art of patience from their very own Madhu and even know the character’s prayer by rote.

Examples like these are what makes Colors proud of their shows and makes our Colors’ bahus a shining example of hope, faith and women power. Have a Color-ful Women’s Day! 

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