COLORS turns red in agitation!
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And she is no more. The Delhi rape victim, whom people were calling Damini and Nirbhaya, succumbed to her injuries while most of us got busy with life.  Of course she was a Nirbhaya, the fearless, who despite going through unbearable pain and trauma, lived to tell the truth. 

The whole world is mourning her death and each one of us is regretting for not being courageous enough to take a stand against this increasing insensitivity of men towards women. We all are just agitated! But, what we all should do instead is, bring reform by turning our agitation into demand and compel the law and order to be strong enough, to ensure that something so heinous is never repeated!

While the leading women of Colors have been setting examples of their strength and capabilities, here are the leading men of Colors, extremely embarrassed yet enraged about the shameful incident, demanding the most stringent punishment for these rapists.

Siddhartha Shukla, Shiv of Balika Vadhu says, “I feel death penalty is too easy and life imprisonment is too less for a crime like this. There are parts of the country where women are considered as nothing more than home keepers forget home makers. There are so many loopholes in the law, which is why we have this ‘chalta hai’ attitude. I think the law needs to be more stringent like in Saudi Arabia. We all know what they do to the rapists.”

Manish Raisinghani, Siddhant of Sasural Simar Ka says, “Punishment is a lesson for the culprit, it prevents us from breaking the law. But, if so many cases are happening around that means our law is very weak. Rape is a physical torture and mental humiliation, is a rapist really put through that? I doubt! So the punishment should be hard enough to traumatize the accused. Only if their punishment becomes an example for the rest it will work. Only if the person knows that however strong his political connection is, he will not escape … Then it will work!” 

Vivian Dsena, RK of Madhubala says, “I am too pissed to talk about this issue!”

Vishal Karwal, Bigg Boss 6 contestant said, “I want to say what all of us are feeling. But sadly, what I want to say can’t be put into words. We should do to them what they did to that innocent girl.”

Sharad Kelkar, host of Shaitaan, “The Government is already too late in bringing the criminals to justice. If there is evidence of their guilt, they should have been hung by now. I think castration or hanging in public is the perfect punishment for them. Their faces should be exposed to the country and they should be shamed before they are hanged. This case should be dealt with in a fast track court that can deliver justice in 2 days. And please let them not appeal in higher courts, or the Supreme Courts. They should not have waited till the girl’s death to accuse them of murder. The girl’s murder happened the day she was assaulted as what they did was worse than death. This case should not get lost in the loopholes of the law and justice should be given immediately.”

Samir Soni, Kunal of Parichay said, “Death penalty is the only punishment that can bring justice. Or they can be castrated to show everyone- If you can’t control it, you’re going to lose it. The punishment should be severe and quick enough to make potential rapists think a million times before they do such a thing. We live in a civilized society, but people who can brutalize a woman so badly deserve uncivilized punishment. Let them be hanged in public because honestly speaking, a jail term is no longer enough to deter criminals. Crime against women happen everyday in India but this instance is unpardonable. This should set a precedent so nothing like this happens again. For the girl, I would like to say that the whole nation has failed her. All of us! And so, all of us have the collective responsibility to ensure that she gets justice.”

Colors has always aimed at bringing social reform by highlighting the issues like child marriage and widow remarriage. Women have always been portrayed as strong and decisive individuals in all our shows, but with such a spiteful act happening around in the country, we feel even more responsible towards changing the mindset of our society by being a part of it. 


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