Common Man’s Bigg Boss Journey Ends
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Kashif Qureshi, the first common man ever to enter the Bigg Boss house is the second evictee from the show. Kashif entered the house with much fanfare as he was the only common man amongst a bunch of well known and popular faces. Coming with a martial arts background, Kashif was eager and enthusiastic to share his knowledge on various topics with the other housemates. However, his eagerness was misunderstood by many and he was eventually embroiled in fights with Sapna, Niketan and Urvashi and disliked by the rest.

During his two weeks stay in the house, Kashif was also known for his flirty ways as he was seen charming Karishma by calling her ‘a fresh fruit from the Garden of Eden’. However, the highlight of his two week stay was his fight with Sapna which also resulted in getting a warning from Bigg Boss. Kashif however did have a few friends in the house like Aseem, Sampat Pal and Sidhu, who he respected and considered as a knowledgeable man. 

Speaking on his exit, Kashif said, “Coming to the Bigg Boss house has been a life changing experience. I never thought I would get to learn so much about the world. Now that I am out of the house, I know my life will change completely and I can’t wait for it to begin. I wish all the other housemates the very best and hope the best person wins.”

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