Dadisa goes MIA
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  • May 18, 2012
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Balika Vadhu crossed a huge milestone when it completed its journey of 1000 episodes. Their fans were more than happy to see them celebrate this achievement together. But there’s one question that was on everybody’s mind that night, ‘where is Dadisa?’ Yes friends, when the Balika Vadhu family came together to celebrate the most joyous moment of their lives, the head of the family, Dadisa, was not present to share the moment.  We wonder why?

Surekha Sikri is one of the most important actors on the show and it is in her guidance that the younger actors hone their talent on sets. But it came as a shocker to all when she opted to stay out from this occasion. In the press conference Anup Soni covered up his on-screen mother’s absence. He said, “Maasa (Surekha Sikri) couldn’t make it for the event as she’s busy finding a suitable boy for our Anandi.” Wisecracker!

But now the so-called suitable boy, Shiv, has also entered Anandi’s life so we see no reason for Surekhaji to stay out of limelight and especially on such important days. Also her fans love to watch her in action so hopefully the next time Balika Vadhu clan comes under one roof, our favorite Dadisa will not give it a miss! 


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