Delnaaz continues to flirt with Aseem
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  • October 16, 2012
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We saw Delnaaz proposing Aseem after he got his hair styled in Sapna's Salon, asking him to be her friend leaving Aseem red as he blushed. After that Vrajesh has been pulling Aseem's leg by saying that Delnaaz is a fabulous girl and he should just jump at the offer of dating her. 

Taking yesterday’s ‘Bobby’ dance forward, Delnaaz continues her flirting with Assem by defining her love for him to the other housemates. In one of her jovial and fun moods, Delnaaz explains to Vrijesh in front of Aseem and Kashif that she knows that Aseem understands her love and that the world doesn’t understand it. At this moment, the shy Assem is left embarrassed and speechless. Vrijesh being joker of the house is loving the blush on Aseem’s face and is seen pulling his leg to no end. 

While this is going on in the kitchen area, Rajeev is in the bedroom looking at the proceedings and reciting a poem for Delnaaz.


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