Desho announces Bani’s marriage #Bani Weekly Update – 23rd Apr to 29th Apr
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In the beginning of the week Sarabjeet tried talking to Desho regarding her decision to marry Bani in the next 15 days but she remained adamant. She explains she’s doing this for the betterment of her daughter and will not back down this time. Watch their conversation in the video.

Bani takes food for her father to the fields and Sohum also reaches there. Both stare at each other and Sarabjeet notices it. Once Bani leaves, he talks to Sohum and tells him he knows how he feels for his daughter. Watch as Sohum confesses his feelings to Sarabjeet.

Rajji meets Bani and shouts on her for agreeing to her mother’s wishes. She threatens her to not marry in next 15 days or else she would call off her wedding with Amrik. Bani explains she’s doing this for her family’s happiness and has no problems with the decision. Watch as Bani and Rajji discuss their future.

Sohum informs Simran about his visa and while they’re talking his brother Angad comes and forbids him to go abroad. Later, Simran explains him that Sohum is doing all this for Bani and wants to propose her for marriage. Watch as Angad understands his brother’s predicament and offers support.

Sarabjeet reruns home and asks Bani to sit with him. He asks her if she likes someone and when she doesn’t answer he talks to her about Sohum and wants to know if she feels the same for him. Bani feels shy and runs to the terrace. Watch as Bani starts to accept her feelings for Sohum.

An elderly man, who is introduced as Daadji, is shown listening to people’s problems and giving solutions. Desho’s friend goes to meet him and shows him Bani’s photo for his son. He agrees to meet Bani’s family. Watch this sequence right here.

Sohum comes to Bani’s house with Ghuggi and she offers them tea. Ghuggi teases him and both Sohum and Bani feel shy. In Rajji’s house her shagun ceremony begins and Desho’s friend comes and tells her about the NRI rishta. She informs her that they’re ready to meet and excitedly Desho announces it to all! Watch as Desho tells everyone about Bani’s marriage.

Will Sarabjeet now talk to Desho about Sohum or will that love story remain incomplete? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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