Desho takes an oath to marry Bani Weekly Update – 16th Apr to 23rd Apr
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The week began with Rajji requesting Bani to be there for her thaka ceremony. Bani promises to be there for Rajji and both are shown lost in memories. Watch as the two sisters share an emotional moment.

Next day, everyone is preparing for the thaka ceremony at Rajji’s house and the matchmaker lady suggests that all should go else Amrik’s family will get suspicious. Desho refuses to go but Sarabjeet decides that since Nirvail’s family came for them, they should go too. Watch as Bani’s family argues over Rajji’s ceremony.

Ghuggi overhears about the upcoming thaka ceremony and assumes that it is Bani who is getting married to a NRI. He immediately informs Sohum about it who gets tensed on hearing the news. Watch Sohum’s reaction in this video.

Sarabjeet and other family members leave for the Gurudwara and Bani tries to talk to her mother. She requests her to go for the ceremony for the family’s sake but Desho remains adamant. Watch their conversation in this video.

Amrik’s family asks for Desho and Binder tries to make excuses and covers up for her. Everyone sits in the Gurudwara for the ceremony and at that moment Desho enters. Sarabjeet is shocked to see his wife but welcomes her to join in. Watch as Desho makes an appearance in Rajji’s ceremony.

While looking for Nirvail, Sohum reaches his house and finds Bani on the other side of the wall. When he tries to talk to her, she accidentally slips off the stool and hurts her ankle. Sohum helps her to get up and dresses her wounds. Watch as Sohum hesitates to express his love to Bani.

Bani asks Sohum to drop her at the Gurudwara and there he comes to know that it is Rajji who is getting married and not Bani. He is elated to hear the news and resolves to approach Bani’s father before they find another NRI. Watch this sequence right here.

Amrik’s family celebrates Baisakhi at home and they invite Sohum’s family also to join in. While everyone is dancing, Amrik tries to talk to Rajji but she doesn’t give him any attention. He asks her if something’s wrong and she goes on to explain how big a mistake he made by putting a proposal for her over Bani. When Amrik doesn’t understand, Rajji reveals that the two families don’t live together. Watch as Amrik comes to know the truth.

Sohum approaches Sarabjeet in order to ask Bani’s hand in marriage but their conversation is interrupted. Binder thanks Desho for coming to the ceremony but Desho just taunts her in return. She challenges Binder that she will find a richer NRI and declares that Bani’s wedding will take place in the same mandap as Rajji’s and that too in the next 15 days. Watch as this news shatters Bani and Sohum. 

Will Desho manage to stand by her oath and find another NRI for Bani? Will Sohum now make an attempt to put forth his proposal? Keep watching this space for more updates!

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