Dhanak is the new don?
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  • April 9, 2019
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After Dhanak’s shocking decision of staying with her family against Raghu’s wishes, tonight is when she  explains to Raghu about her reasons. What could be the reason behind putting her dreams on standby at this point in life? While talking to him, Dhanak even convinces Raghu to help her in changing Maayi’s mindset. What will Raghu’s next step be?


Going forward, Maayi tries to attack Dhanak physically as Dhanak hides all of her weapons. Will Raghu reach in time to save Dhanak? Changing maayi’s mindset isn’t that easy and what she does next is something that’s absolutely shocking. Maayi announces Dhanak as the next Don! What has led to this sudden development? Tune in to Gathbandhan from Monday to Friday at 9 pm to know the complete back story!

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