Diwali delight on ‘BIGG BOSS’: Contestants bring festive joy under the paparazzi’s lens
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  • November 17, 2023
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In this episode, ‘BIGG BOSS’ brings in a bash for Diwali with a surprising twist. The master of the house reveals that contestants are invited to an exclusive Diwali bash. The housemates, dressed in their festive attire gear up for the party, unaware that paparazzi are all set to gatecrash it. With tape across their mouths, the contestants pose for the paparazzi, who have exciting things to say to them about their journey on the show. After knowing that they’re the talk of the town, will the party change the dynamics among the housemates?

The bash includes a super entertaining, dramatic, and scathing card game. There are three tables for the members of each makaan, who must pick three cards and badmouth the contestant on the card without revealing their name. The housemates must prove that the cards that they have are the worst. Mannara Chopra begins the card game by not sparing the person on her card. She discloses that the person on her card wants to make her presence felt everywhere. Arun Srikanth makes incendiary remarks about a certain contestant who thinks she’s a lioness, but in his opinion, she is a lame horse. Abhishek Kumar holds nothing back when he rants about the person on his card; he says that this housemate is a slacker, who cries about wanting to head home when she is nominated. He accuses her of breaking his heart for a hamper and declares that this person wouldn’t get any visibility for him if it weren’t for him. While the contestants get the chance to blow off some steam, will it leave some among them scalded?

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