Dost dost na raha?
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  • November 7, 2012
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Bigg Boss' tasks have been playing different psychological games since week one. Every time a task is introduced in the Bigg Boss house, the result is a division of the house into groups. Friends turn to foes and foes turn to each other to complain. As the housemates complete 30 days in the house, this is exactly what has happened between the Gujrati trio – Urvashi, Delnaaz and Aashka. 

With the ‘Major Saab ki Sena’ task ending in fight between Urvashi and Sapna, the housemates were seen disturbed and have now divided themselves into groups to discuss the negativity in the house.Aashka, who is currently the captain of the house is seen discussing with Delnaaz how Urvashi is spreading negative vibes in the house. According to her, Urvashi has complained about everyone in the house after the lights are out. Even delnaaz is also seen defending Sapna by saying that Urvashi tends to get a little aggressive and that since it was a task, Sapna was just being a part of it. At the same time, Urvashi was also seen keeping her distance from her (former) favourite girls. 

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