Eight reasons why you should watch Parichay post leap
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Since the show has started, Parichay has gained immense popularity. Be it for their big starcast or for their fresh approach to cover middle-class families and their lives, everything has worked in their favour.

The story of Kunal Chopra and his family have seen many ups and downs and lately the show is gearing up for major turn of events. In an attempt to free Kunal from jail, his wife Siddhi has made a deal with Richa, promising to go away from his life and has signed on the divorce papers. In return, Richa will get Kunal out of jail and wants him all to herself. 

The plot sounds interesting but let's jot down reasons as to what will make the eight year leap more interesting:


1. An eight year leap will give Kunal a more mature look and considering he is going to be shown as a rich and successful legal advisor, it will be great to see this side of Kunal Chopra.

2. Aruna Irani enters the show as a confidante of Siddhi whom she meets in jail. This is the first time Aruna Irani will be on a Colors show and we are eagerly waiting to see what her character is about.

3. Siddhi has given birth to twins and one of the kids has been stolen by Richa and the other will be taken care by Aruna Irani. So it will be interesting to see how these kids are raised and how will lthey end up meeting.

4. An 8-year generation leap means the track will change and a lot of new and young faces will be seen on the show.

5. With a kid in tow, Richa might just turn a little positive and we are waiting to see how that plays.

6. Since Siddhi will be in jail and her twins will be separated, it will be worth watching how this small family reunites.

7. We found Kunal as a lawyer sexy, then when he got married to Siddhi our hearts did break a little but were appeased after watching him play the good husband. But now Kunal as a father?! We sure want to see him play the Big Daddy!

8. As they say, sachai chhupaye nahi chupti.  We are waiting for Richa to get caught for her brother's murder and then all will be right again and Siddhi and Kunal can get back like a big happy family, which will then include two kids!

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