Emotional rollercoaster unfolds in the BIGG BOSS House with Karan Johar giving them some reality checks
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  • December 4, 2023
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In a recent turn of events inside the BIGG BOSS 17 house, Karan Johar took the stage for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, replacing Salman Khan. The episode of ‘Shaniwaar ka Vaar’ took an unexpected turn as a shocking elimination rocks the house, leaving contestants and viewers in awe.

Karan Johar drops a bombshell by announcing Tehelka’s elimination due to a physical altercation with Abhishek Kumar, leading to an emotional outpour from both Tehelka and his best friend, Arun. The atmosphere turns somber as emotions run high, and fellow contestants, including Munawar Faruqui and Ankita Lokhande, express their heartfelt reactions to Tehelka’s departure.

The drama doesn’t end there. Karan Johar turns the spotlight on Vicky Jain, exposing his game plan as a mere ‘number game’ and prompting Ankita and Vicky to validate the claim. Later, the host even gives Sana a reality check, calling her a hypocrite for not standing up for herself as the so-called feminist that she is. The revelation shocks the contestants, turning it into a true eye-opener moment in the BIGG BOSS house. What lies ahead for all the contestants? Only time will tell!

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