Emotions,Romance and nomination twist BB Saath-7 Synopsis: Day 8
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  • September 23, 2013
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Bigg Boss has entered its second week after Hazel Keech became the first contestant to bid adieu to the Bigg Boss house. The day starts with Rajat getting emotional as he is missing his family and is seen talking about this to the heaven-mates. 


Due to his continuous bad health and depression, Rajat further starts packing his bags and is planning to leave the house. As the captain, Tanisha requests Bigg Boss to send a doctor to examine Rajat as his health is getting worse, further revolting by removing her mike until the doctor is sent in. Bigg Boss finally calls her inside the confession room and also sends a doctor for Rajat’s help. When Rajat wouldn’t stop crying and still complained of unbearable pain, Bigg Boss assured him that his family is doing well and asks him to take care of his health. 


Across the boundary, Kushal is seen blowing his own trumpet and boasting about the awards he has won so far to Ellie. Andy is seen working like a maid in the house and everybody has framed him to be a kaamwalli. Later in the day, Gauahar and Kushal continue to spend time together and are seen chilling with each other. Kushal also expresses that Gauahar is one person who he loves to trouble in the house further giving her a back massage to make her feel better. The day comes to an end with the nominations wherein Bigg Boss asks the heaven-mates to nominate people from hell. Being the captain, Tanisha is given a special power to nominate one person from the heaven side. Housemates are further seen discussing nominations and anticipating about the next swap that will be coming their way soon. 


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