Everything is fair in love and war! (Weekly Recap: 26th Dec-1st Jan)
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Love and war was in the air this week as the Bhardwaj family tried to win over Khushi in different ways.

Khushi caught Veeru unawares as he was spying on Roli and Rahul, who did a very good job of acting like they were in love. Veeru was able to sidetrack Khushi’s questions and they left for home, while Roli was relieved that she was not discovered by Khushi. Manoranjan lied to Simar sending Roli out to get something when Simar couldn’t find her in the house. Roli came home and on finding out that Siddhant was already home, she got worried about him getting angry. She tried to mollify him but Siddhant was in no mood to listen. On the other hand, Veeru, too was angry about Roli’s date and snapped at Khushi when she told him the news about getting the contract and left. Khushi snooped around in Veeru’s phone to know who he was talking to, but Veeru came back and warned her not to touch his phone.


During Bhardwaj family’s dinner time, Simar noticed that something was wrong between Roli and Siddhant and tried to make matters better by bringing out the cake that Siddhant had gotten and making him share the good news with the family. But Siddhant was still upset, prompting Simar to ask Roli what the matter was. But Roli couldn’t tell Simar the truth and left to meet Veeru on the terrace as he wanted to meet her. On the terrace, Veeru grabbed Roli and declared his love for her. Roli asked him to prove his love by getting all of Khushi’s property and convinced him that she needed a rich guy, leaving Veeru with the challenge of fulfilling her wish.


After posing the challenge, Roli was disturbed as she thought that Veeru was truly in love with her and would go to any lengths to get her. She was also scared that her family would be harmed in the bargain. But Manoranjan assured her that their mission was already halfway and Veeru would soon handover the property to Roli. When the family started preparing the 10,000 laddoos as ordered, Khushi sneaked into their room and left the gas cylinder on. Seeing their cylinder almost depleted, the Bhardwaj family was worried about not completing their order on time. In Siddhant’s office, the staff tried to cheer him up by congratulating him with a cake that Naina had made. But sensing that Siddhant was upset, Naina insisted on knowing what was wrong and inadvertently blurted out that she cared for Siddhant!


The women of the Bhardwaj family were still trying to figure out how to get cooking gas from and they asked the men to arrange for one. On the other hand, Khushi was pushing her workers to complete the order on time. In Siddhant’s office, Naina was thinking of her conversation with Siddhant and finally confessed to herself that she had fallen in love with him!

Back home, the family contemplated giving up on the order when Mataji suggested that they cook with firewood in a chulha. The men collected the wood and finally work started on completing the order!

Seeing that the women couldn’t finish the work in time, the men too, joined in. On the other hand, Khushi’s insults were getting too much for her workers, and they threatened to quit, but Khushi promised them double their salary and got them to stay back.

The Bhardwaj family banded together and made the laddoos, during which, Siddhant and Roli, too, lovingly patched up.

Khushi’s confidence about winning the contract was shattered when her servant informed her that something was wrong in the house. Khushi walked in to find out that the family was ready with their order. She decided that she would not let Simar’s order reach the caterer on time.

Now it'll be interesting to see how Simar manages to get the contract in the face of Khushi's challenge.

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