Eviction with another Twist!
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  • December 12, 2012
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Housemates wake up to the tamil song, ‘Daddy Mummy’, and as soon as the day begins, Imam and Sapna are seen having a fight. Sapna asks Imam to pick up his bed sheet and he denies. The two end up having a heated argument, and Imam tells Sapna that he prefers not talking to her.

Santosh is then seen sitting in the garden, flirting with Karishma when she comes out after getting dressed. He complements her that she is looking good, while Karishma asks him not to overreact and keep it low. In a while, Karishma and Sapna are seen talking to each other about Santosh going overboard with his flirtatious nature. Aashka tells Karishma that she has stopped talking to Santosh for the same reason since he talks dirty behind the back. Soon, Santosh is seen hovering around in a weird costume, borrowed from Imam and follows Karishma in the washroom and tells her that he wants to be good friends with her. As the day passes, Aashka is seen getting a haircut from Sapna. Urvashi sits at a distance watching the two and makes a face. 

Soon, Bigg Boss announces a mid-week eviction in the house and asks all the nominated contestants to pack their bags and be ready for the evictions. Post the evictions, Vishal and Santosh break down and talk about how the actual game has begun now and the two are then seen discussing their strategy to survive in the show. Imam comes and joins the duo and is seen discussing the same with the two. Sapna on the other hand is seen very upset and disturbed too and talks about how this good people do not survive here. She snaps at Imam saying, good people have to leave the show, but people like Imam survive till the end. Imam goes after her to talk to her, but she pays no attention and acts like she cannot hear him. 

In the night, Aashka is seen talking to Delnaz about how she should sort out her differences with Urvashi and that both of them are two matured ladies and fighting like girls is not something the two should be proud of. Delnaz tells her that there is a reason behind her not wanting to go and talk to Urvashi, but agrees in the end. 

Post the eviction, nominations for the next evictions take place in the house. While all the contestants are called in to save two of their favorites in the house, Sapna being the captain is given special powers to save her favorites and she opts to save all the women of the house. Bigg Boss then announces the nomination results.

As the day ends, Delnaz is seen making peace with Urvashi. She goes to Urvashi and asks her if all the drama that she did day before was her secret task. Urvashi denies saying, if it was then she would have told everyone as soon as it was over. After lights out, Santosh is seen approaching Aashka and tells her that now is the time that he would want to talk to her and sort things out. Aashka denies and walks away saying this wouldn’t be the right time and prefers to talk to him during the day instead. 

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