Exclusive: Five times rather strong Priya fought and broke down in the house
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Just few days into Bigg Boss 9 house and wild card contestant Priya Malik started creating headlines. There was a dearth of bold and upfront kind of people in the house and thats when Priya made the wild card entry! Here's the story of how and when Priya rubbed housemates the wrong way that catapulted into massive fights! 

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Rishabh, in his oversmartness, left the rope for a moment and Priya happened to see it. He apparently even peed while holding the rope with one hand. When she told him that he was disqualified, the housemates rejected her claim. Missing the point completely, Rochelle and other housemates started yelling at Priya saying that she should be supporting the housemates as a captain,  where as she was doing the opposite. Priya, in her defense, said that she was only doing her job. Refusing to understand Priya's point, Rochelle continued to scream at her. Unable to face this, Priya broke into tears while rest of the housemates looked on.
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You might remember how Priya accused Rishabh of sexually abusing her during the dairy task and how later on Rishabh defended his honor by saying that he was totally focusing on his task. Kawaljit called Priya an ‘aunty’ which Priya didn’t take too well.  She felt it was an undignified remark and after hearing this she lashed out on Kawaljit.The fight between Priya and Kawaljit increased the tempo of the house. The Australian Big Brother contestant  Priya said that Kawaljit doesn’t act his age and keeps on picking up fights with everyone. After a heated volley of arguments, Priya called Kawaljit a ‘pig’. She also discussed how he is wrongly using his age card


Priya unknowingly created a tiff between Keith and Rochelle where the man lost his cool for the very first time on the show! It all started when she allotted extra work to Rochelle, which the latter refused to do. Being the captain of the house, Priya had all the rights to allocate the work said Keith. To make Rochelle understand, Keith jumped into Priya and Rochelle's argument and asked Rochelle to do the work as being the captain Priya could give her the extra work. Not listening to it, Rochelle ignored to do it with her own arguments, but this didn’t go well for Keith as Rochelle didn’t try to understand her boyfriend. Getting annoyed over it, Keith shouted loudly at Rochelle as he was irritated with the silly fight between Priya and Rochelle.

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We saw how Gizele and Priya got into a heated argument when Gizele called Keith a ‘dyslexic’. Priya, who couldn’t take this comment on Keith, asked Gizele to use her words wisely for anyone in the house and that led to an ugly fight between the two. Surprisingly, Keith was not affected by the remark at all. The next morning the two again got into a fight on the same thing when Priya explained to Gizele that she couldn’t use the word so casually. In return, Gizele lashed out again at Priya by saying that she doesn’t need any ‘gyaan’ of her and that she should stop interfering into others problems. Gizele stood up from the bench of the garden area and ran to the bathroom area after calling Priya ‘bhabhi’.

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When Bigg Boss had given the whole house punishment  for not following the rules of the Bigg Boss house he had also given one special power to Priya, being the captain of the house that she could give housemates any kind of punishment she desired. This went way to far when Priya started making her own rules. Kishwer was seen questioning Priya as to why she was being biased towards Rishabh. If Priya wanted to take personal items of the hosuemates when they were breaking the house rules then it would only be fair if she took Rishabh's too. Kishwer accused Priya for being unfair and said that she did not punish Rishabh when he spoke in English just because he was her friend. 


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