Exclusive: Jhalak Judges Take To The Dance Floor!
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  • October 7, 2015
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  • 6:11 pm

The finale round will not just have Shahid performing but also our other judges Lauren, Malaika and Ganesh. Yes, you heard it right! And along with the judges will be the ‘host’ and ‘dost’ of Jhalak, Manish. 

Jhalak has reached its season finale. With just four contestants left, there is a lot of excitement and tension that is going around on the Jhalak sets. Before the countdown to the finals begins, our judges will be seen performing on the Jhalak stage. 

Apart from their solo performances, Malaika and Lauren will be seen dancing with Manish. While Malaika will be seen performing to the song ‘zara zara touch me’, Lauren will dance to ‘manali trance’ and then the three of them together will perform to the song ‘tune mari entriyan.’ Ganesh on the other hand will do a solo number and a group act with the Jhalak finalists. 

We bet you are all set and excited for the finale round. To know who bagged the Jhalak trophy, don’t forget to wach Jhalak Reloaded, Sat, 9PM

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