Feasting and Dancing sums up Day 4: Synopsis
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Morning that starts with a peppy song, 'Subah ho gayi maamu' on Day 4 will hold the mood for the rest of the day for the housemates, except for Aashka who will be seen crying in the washroom. Disturbed by the way Rajeev and Vrijesh are behaving with her due to the household issues, she shares her concerns with Sidhhu and Delnaz.

After the successful completion of the luxury budget task and Sidhu being nominated as the least performer,Sidhu is given a punishment that is divided in two parts – cooking for the entire house and performing a Bhangra number wherein all the women in the house will be seen joining him. 

However, the punishment actually turned out to be a fun-filled excercise as Sidhu who emerged as the true kitchen King with the housemates dancing, singing and cracking jokes around him whilst the preparation were going on. He is also given an option of choosing one person who would help him verbally in the recipe and he was smart enough to choose Aashka, the only housemate who is thorough with her cooking expertise.

After a day full of teasing Delnaaz, Rajeev will face the music when Delnaaz confronts Rajeev about his behavior and directs him to not hold her hand etc as she feels he is doing all this for the camera. At the same time, upholding his promise to Rajeev, Sidhu is seen trying to convince Aashka and Vrijesh to help him get Rajeev and Delnaz back together. However, Aashka being a true friend is seen advising Delnaaz to go from ‘singular to plural’ and doesn’t say anything about Rajeev. 

Simultaneously, there is a rift on the other side of the house as well. Sampat Pal and Vrijesh seem to be ill at ease with each other after Ammaji aka Sampat Pal holds Vrijesh by the collar (during one of his funny acts). Not appreciating her behavior, Vrijesh walks off and will be seen discussing this with other housemates telling all about how Sampat is taking him for a ride and taking undue advantage of the respect he is giving her.

As the sun goes down, the Bigg Boss house is lit with exciting faces and beautifully dreassed women thumping to some peppy dhol beats. Second part of Sidhu's performance begins with all the soni kudis practice before the final performance and Sidhu seems to love all the femme-fatale! They give an incredible performance and suddenly seem like one big happy family!

But this is not where the day ended. A harsh decision was taken by Urvashi and Niketan against Kashif the common man. They are seen discussing about how they should ignore him completely as he has been annoying everyone.

Let's see how much this silent boycott affects Kashif and the housemates get to see any change in his behaviour… otherwise the doors are always open to send him back.



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