Five Keeda-full challenges given by Arjun Kapoor on day one!
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The first episode of KKK was telecasted last night and boy was it thrilling. Host, Arjun Kapoor really proved himself as an efficient host who brought smiles as well as fear on the faces of our contestants.

Here are 5 keeda full challenges that Arjun Kapoor gave on the show.



Team up, cadets!

The biggest change this season is the format of the show. In the prior seasons, the contestants played individually but this time they had to play in teams. Two teams from out of the 14 daredevils were made- Team Red and Team Blue. The biggest challenge so far on this season was that they had to play for the team and not individually for themselves._73G0224


The first stunt of this season was a rescue mission. In this stunt, while one contestant was sitting on a cable suspended car with his/her hands locked to the steering wheel which was hanging from a building and another contestant had to rescue the first one by coming down a very thin ladder(which was not fixed to anything) and unlock him/her. Then both had to go all the way up to the building with the help of the ladder and press a button at the top of the building which released the car from the cables and ended their task. This task was definitely not meant for the faint hearted.



Khaao Khaao!

The second stunt was full of ‘Keeda’ and it was mandatory for the teams to send in a female contestant. The task was getting in a closed glass and eating strawberries which were hanging. To accompany them in the box there were 1,000 flies. They were not allowed to use their hands. Now the Keeda-Woman relationship, we all know hasn't been pleasant from time immemorial. And to make things even worse(or best), their faces were covered with cream. Ladies might not really have gotten a knack of it but it was fun to watch.

Arjun gets greedy!

 Arjun Kapoor was really sad to see that Mahhi could not complete her Khaao Khaao task so he decided to complete it for her. He went right inside the box and ate the two strawberries that Mahhi had missed. He yet again proved that even he is a true ‘Khiladi’ when it comes to challenges.




The third stunt of the day required a lot more athletic background from the contestants as it was an underwater task. One contestant from each team was required do this task. The task was to go under water and pass through a tunnel and come out from the other end of it. No! No! No! not that easy. In the tunnel, there were 3 obstructive nets which they had to cut from all sides to pass through. Not that easy after all, huh?

Don't forget to tune into tonight's episode at 9PM for more kheeda-full challenges.

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