Five things Digangana revealed in her live chat!
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  • December 10, 2015
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Digangana Suryavanshi during a live chat with her fans revealed a lot of things that you, Bigg Boss fans, should know:

‘Bigg Boss house is a social experiment’: Digangana, while answering a fan’s question, said that the Bigg Boss house was like a social experiment where you put a bunch of people under different circumstances. She said sometimes she even felt like a lab rat.

‘I was not really thrilled when Rishabh entered the house’: Recalling her past memories she confessed that she wasn’t really excited when she saw Rishabh’s face. But later as time passed they were back on friendly terms as she saw it as an opportunity to get over the past.

‘Best time was interacting with Salman on weekends': According to Digangana, the best times were when Salman came on weekends and things lightened up. They were also able to explain to Salman why they behaved in a particular way during that week.

People kept changing in the house’: She also pointed out how all the contestants kept changing in a very short time period of time. One moment they were laughing and enjoying with each other and before you know it, things got ugly. She said that she maintained her temperament and kept her calm throughout the show.

‘No one was a friend or foe in the house’: In a very clear statement, Digangana said that in the house no one was a friend or a foe. It was all very circumstantial and you can not read anyone’s actions clearly.

These things are actually too wise for an 18-year old to say. Seems like she was mature not just for herself, but also for all the other members of the house too. Watch the full video for more shocking revelations.

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