Five things Rimi revealed after being evicted from the Bigg Boss House!
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  • December 2, 2015
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Finally the very ‘desperate to get out’, Rimi Sen, was evicted from the house this week. She had a longer than imagined stint in the house. In the post-eviction interview, Rimi revealed some things that you have to know about. Here’s the list:

“I thought the show was scripted and it would be easy”

Rimi was perfectly sure that Bigg Boss was scripted and surviving it would be easy, even before she came into the show. But two days in to her stint, she realized that this wasn’t the case. She even said that someone told her about the food being supplied as per their wants, but that didn't happen. Poor Rimi!

‘Kishwer or Prince will win the show’

Speaking her mind (as always), Rimi mentioned that that Kishwer and Prince are the ones who have the real potential to win the show.

‘Mandana and Rochelle are very fake’

Rimi also mentioned that Mandana and Rochelle are fakest people in the house. She said that both of them change their colors very fast. They will be sweet today and totally opposite on the next day.

‘I love it even when Salman scolds me’

Rimi confessed that whenever Salman scolded her for her misconduct, all she could do was stare at him as she likes him very much. She also said that he tried to motivate her all the time and she liked that.

‘Main Kutte ki dum hoon’

When questioned on her behavior in the house, Rimi told outright that she is who she is and she will not change. She said that even her parents have given up on changing her and other people should also give up on it.

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