Five things that Kawaljit revealed during the live chat
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After an eight year wait , Kawaljit finally got the oppurtunity to be a part of Bigg Boss. As excited as he was about his stay, when asked if he would like to go back, he seemed overjoyed by the very thought of it. During an exclusive live chat, here are a few things that he revealed about his journey in the Bigg Boss house.

On Nora: Kawaljit revealed about how he didn’t consider Nora to be any threat and felt she was just like a doll that had been sent in to entertain and distract Prince a little.  Well! By the looks of it, it certainly seems that Prince has been smitten by Nora’s charms. 

Fashion: Not only does Kawaljit like to dress up others but also himself, and that was quite evident by the clothes he wore during his entire stay in the house.  During the live chat he revealed on how he had asked Gizele to tone down her makeup a little and on many occasions helped Kishwer dress up. We hope you remember the last Saturday episode? The sari that Kishwer was seen wearing was actually a shawl that belonged to Kawaljit. Hmmm…We are glad to see that he was able to instill a little fashion sense into some of the housemates. 

Pet names: Kawaljit spoke about how he had given special names to some of the housemates. While he named Rochelle, Gangu bai because of her behavior, Suyyash he named mausiji, Kishwer as Alka bahu and Suyyash as Raunak. The reasons for giving those names were as hilarious as the names that were given. What an awesome sense of humor, we must say!

Favourite: His favourite in the house are Mandana and Rishabh. Despite starting off on the wrong foot, Kawaljit eventually was seen growing close to Mandana. The reason for liking Mandana, Kawaljit revealed was that she took care of him and that they shared the same wavelengths. And as far as Rishabh was concerned, he thought him to be fun and someone who was very neutral. It definitely looks like Mandy has found an admirer in Kawaljit. 

On Rochelle: Kawaljit openly spoke about his dislike towards Rochelle. He also revealed about how she was the one to pick up his spondylitis pillow during the ‘paanch dosh’ task and that she pretended to cry when Priya was cutting it out,  just to show her boyfriend Keith that she was feeling bad about the entire thing. And that’s not all! He also revealed on how she will sideline Kieth once she lands a Bollywood film.. Ouchies…!

There is alot more that Kawaljit revealed on the live chat. Incase you missed, you can click here to watch the full chat. 

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