Five things that Kawaljit revealed in the post eviction interview
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After spending three weeks in the Bigg Boss house, Kawaljit Singh’s journey in the Bigg Boss house came to an end this Sunday. Here are five things that Kawaljit Singh revealed in the post eviction interview. 

On his Eviction: Kawaljit Singh revealed that he did not expect to get evicted so soon in the Bigg Boss. He also spoke about how he was looking forward to the finals and was even carrying clothes for it. Looking at his spunky collection, we bet his finale look would also have been as amazing. 

Special names: Kawaljit has given special names to some of the housemates in the Bigg Boss house. He has named Rochelle as Gangu bai, Kishwer as Alka bahu, Suyyash as mausiji and his favorite bachcha in the house Rishabh as Raunak. What an imagination, we must say!

Favourite housemates: Kawaljit’s favourite in the house are Mandana and Rishabh. It’s slightly shocking to hear that Mandana is his favourite considering they were constantly seen fighting and bickering with each other over trivial issues. We are really beginning to wonder whether they are going to turn besties post the show gets over? This only time will tell!

Personal belongings:  He didn’t really care when his personal belongings were taken away during the ‘paanch dosh’ task. He said that those things are easily replaceable. However, he did feel that Rochelle took out her personal grudge against him knowing that he was suffering from spondylitis and later just pretended to cry in front of her boyfriend Keith to show how she felt bad about the whole thing. 

Health issues: Kawaljit expected Keith to get evicted before him as he considered Keith to be a simple man and someone who did not enjoy yelling at others. He also mentioned how he couldn’t perform well during the last week because of the health issues. Now that he is out of the house, we hope he is taking good care of his health. 

To watch the entire interview, click here. 

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