Five things that make Aadhya so inimitable!
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A story set in the capital city, 'Internet Wala Love' is our take on love stories circa 2018 that’s full of twisted tales, modern-day romance and moments that are oh-so-relatable! Our female lead Aadhya Verma is someone who believes in living a life that’s simple, ordinary and away from unnecessary complications. She works in a wedding planning company, strives for perfection and chooses to be independent. Impressive, right? Well, let’s tell you more about her!

#1 Aadhya loves her me-time but dislikes being idle. She whiles her time away by being productive and creative!




#2 While she has a modern approach towards life, she is someone who also stands by moral values and is extremely grounded.





#3 Aadhya is opinionated and looks for validation and logic!





#4 She lives in her little dreamy world but can get as realistic as ever when required!





#5 She stands by living in the moment, finding joy in the little things, and always chanting the happiness mantra!





Stay tuned as Aadhya is ready to meet you 27th August onwards from Monday to Friday at 7 pm. 


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