Five things that we miss about Yuvika
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It's been more than a week since Yuvika's departure from the Bigg Boss house and all of a sudden, the vibrancy seems to have gone missing from the house. One of the quitest and calmest person in the house, Yuvika brought about the needed energy amongst the housemates. Here are a list of five things that we truly miss about Yuvika after her eviction from the Bigg Boss house.

Early morning dance: The maximum contribution of Yuvika during her 3 weeks stay in the Big Boss house were her early morning dance routines that entertained the housemates and viewers and brought everyone in the house alive. She never missed an oppurtunity and danced each time the music was played in the morning. 
Positivity: Yuvika came across as a calm and composed person. She walked into the house with positivity and a constant smile on her charming face. Adjusting to the lack of sleep, cribbings and fights in the house, she was never seen complaining about anything and made everyone feel really comfortable. Oh! Looking at how things are going on in the house, we wish she was there.

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Chemistry: Bigg Boss house is a brewing pot of romance and fight. With Rishabh's entry into the house, Prince got a little insecure with the bond that Yuvika and Rishabh came to share.  Rishabh was seen as  the 'kebab mein haddi' in this love chemistry. We were really hoping to see who Yuvika would have chosen between the two handsome lads. 

Chef: The kitchen queen of the Bigg Boss was none other than Yuvika. It was all thanks to her cooking that the contestants got to eat good food daily. We bet they housemates miss her dearly becasue we certainly do. 
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Smile: She had a smile that had the capacity to break millions of heart. No wonder Prince and Rishabh were seen chasing after her.






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