Five Things we expect Anil Kapoor to reveal on the show
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It won’t be an exaggeration if we compare Anil Kapoor to an exotic wine that gets better with time. Three decades in Bollywood, Anil Kapoor who is nearing 60 years of age is looking just as fresh as he was in his time. 


There are few men in Bollywood who have aged very gracefully as Anil Kapoor. When AK will meet AK there would be too much to look for in the conversation.  We can expect an awesome one hour of   tete-a-tete. 

Here is a list of things we expect from this episode

Sequel to Mr. India – It would probably be the most exciting thing to see Anil Kapoor play Mr India again on the celluloid. Vivacious is his personality and we believe he would pull of the character with same vigour as he did in 1987

His journey from an Ordinary Chembur boy to Bollywood – We would want Anil Kapoor to take us throught his struggle and how he grabbed his first opportunity in Bollywood and managed to stay in the industry. He is likely to talk about the pitfalls that came across his Bollywood expedition. 

Manly Man of Bollywood – With Anil Kapoor came the trend of flaunting the chest hair as a sign of masculinity. There have been times he was trolled for this trend. We would love to know his take on the chest hair mania which he gave to the youngsters of his time.

He has done it all! What next?– Anil Kapoor has earned a signifacant amount of recognition nationally and internationally through his work. Apart from ruling celluloid as an actor, producer and fashion icon, Anil has made his TV debut too with the series 24. We would like to know what would be the next new thing he is aspiring to do. Possibly direct a movie or host a reality show to add few extra feathers to his cap?

Some fitness tips for today’s youth – As we mentioned earlier, Anil Kapoor is one of the few men in Bollywood who have been fit and sexy all their life. We would look forward for some health and fitness secrets from AK’s fitness regime. 

Retirement Plans – No we never want Anil to retire. However, if he ever  chooses to retire from Bollywood, what would his retirement plans be? Well we guess it would obviously be a nice long family vacay in some exotic corner of the world as his passion for travelling is not a hidden secret.  

A potential father in law – This would be something we all wish to know what is his take on how his son – in – law would be like. Will he believe in Sonam’s choice of her life partner or will he choose one for her. We would love to know what special qualities he is looking for an ideal husband for his daughterSonam.

So all the Lakkhan fans out there, stay tuned to catch the next episode of The Anupam Kher Show on Sunday 8 PM. We bet after the episode you all will exclaim ‘’Jhakkaasss!!!’’

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