Five times that Prince took a stand for the housemates
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Ever since Salman pointed out to Prince that he doesn't speak his mind when it's required, Prince has been seen voicing his opinions and standing up for what he believes is right. One of the fiercest contenders in the house, Prince has been seen getting into quite alot of fights lately and here are our top five picks of the times he has fought for someone else in the house. 

Prince lost his cool when Rishabh asked Kishwer to act like dog. He told Rishabh straight on his face that he would get him back for this inspite of him being the captain of the house. 

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We saw Prince voicing his opinion when a fight broke out between Rishabh and Rochelle. After Rochelle abused Rishabh on his face and he got aggressive, Prince came in between the fight and asked Rishabh to back off. 
When Mandana threw a tantrum after Yuvika put a blanket on her bed because she wanted to clean the bed room area, Prince supported Yuvika and took her side saying that she was given the responsibility of cleaning that aarea and that's what she was doing. 
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Prince took Kishwer's side when Mandana kicked Kishwer during the Higway task and he removed his mic when he saw Bigg Boss didn't say anything to Mandana regarding the same. Prince was really pissed at Mandana for kicking Kishwer. 
During the captaincy task when Rishabh was vetted against Mandana, Prince supported Rishabh during the task by saying that he had nothing against him inspite the whole house turning against him after the hotel BB task. 
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